• examination by specialist physician
  • digital x-rays
  • x-rays
  • MRI
  • CT
  • sonography
  • laboratory analyses

Diagnostics & imaging

Aside from the established imaging methods like digital x-ray, MRI and ultrasound, our diagnostics department also has a CT scanner available. This way we can diagnose fractures and joint injuries even faster and more accurate. 


Fast diagnosis 

Using clinical examinations and complex imaging, our specialists diagnose the injury as quickly as possible. We then discuss the various conservative, surgical andtherapeutic possibilities with the patient – normally all within one day.


Health insurance information

The first visit and diagnostics take place at the (public insurance) practice, and are thereby accessible to all insured patients.


The CT and x-rays services in the ordination are not covered by the health insurers and are considered private services.



  • arthroscopic meniscus surgeries
  • arthroscopic cruciate ligament
  • reconstruction
  • surgeries of the instable patella
  • arthroscopic surgeries of the shoulder
  • by tendon traumas and instabilities
  • as well as chronic shoulder pains
  • arthroscopic surgeries of the ankle
  • arthroscopic surgeries of the elbow
  • conservative and surgical fracture
  • treatments of all upper and lower
  • extremities
  • conservative and surgical treatments of 
  • tendon and ligament traumas
  • post-op care

Anesthesia & surgery

The safety of the patient is the main priority at the outpatient anesthesia department. We also take care to create a pleasant atmosphere before and after surgery. During surgery, skilled and independent anesthetists using the most up-to-date anesthetic methods care for our patients.


The operating rooms comply with the highest international standards in regards to technical, hygienic and safety needs. Because of the wide range and high patient frequency (120 000 patients during the first 10 years), our medical teams have collected immense wealth of expertise and experience in treating traumas and conditions of the musculoskeletal system.


Operating room equipment

We work with state-of-the-art technical tools in fully digitalized operating rooms. All procedures are recorded (photo and video) for transparency and quality control purposes. This way, we can supply physicians and therapists who do follow-up treatment with important documentation.


The medical team can even change the lighting, the color, and the sound in the operating room to create an ideal working ambiance.


Insurance information

The costs for the out-patient and specialist treatments are the responsibility of the patient or his/her private health insurance. Patients are given an estimate after the first examination at thepractice, where all costs are listed. 

Post-surgery treatments

After surgery, the patient is cared for by his or her own team of nurses, orderlies and physicians in the recovery room. After the post-op recovery phase, the patient spends the following hours at a private aftercare unit.


Individual meals in accordance with medical needs and patient’s wishes, satellite TV, and bedside Internet are medalp conveniences that make the days spent in recovery as pleasant as possible. Peace and quite, good service and the opportunity to have visitors anytime are other things that contribute to general well-being and quicker recovery.


Insurance information

The costs for the post-surgery treatments are the responsibility of the patient or his/her private health insurance.


  • conservative therapy
  • wound treatment
  • casts and bandages
  • braces
  • laser therapy
  • radial shockwave therapy
  • medical expert reports


Emergency and sport clinic

Dr. Alois Schranz - trauma surgeon specializing in musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. Services include diagnostics, therapy and consultancy in matters concerning ligaments, cartilage, muscle and bone injuries. Aside from the proven and conservative therapy and trauma surgery methods to treat injuries and disorders, Dr. Scharnz also specializes in low-invasive arthroscopic surgery and fracture treatments.

The organizational structure of, and legal separation between the medalp clinic and the specialist practices can be found under Terms & Conditions.


Insurance information

The practice is an independent public insurance practice, and services are covered by general health insurance. 


  • outpatient neurological rehabilitation
  • after strokes and other neurological
  • conditions
  • orthopedic trauma rehabilitation
  • physiotherapy
  • ergotherapy
  • logotherapy
  • sub aqual therapy
  • medical massage
  • electro therapy, fango, lymph drainage


Rehabilitation at the medalp Rehaclinic Getting back on track ...

In the new medalp Rehaclinic in Imst, we offerphysiotherapy, ergo therapy, logo therapy and sub aqual therapy (in a large rehabilitation pool) to treat conditions of orthopedic, trauma surgical, and neurological nature. The expertise of our therapeutic teams combined with the facility’s pleasant atmosphere, are two important reasons for optimal therapy results.


The spatial and interdisciplinary cooperation ofmedalp’s physicians, the hospitals and other physicians in the surrounding regions allows our therapists to fully concentrate on our patients’ individual needs.


Therapy invoicing

Therapy invoicing is made on a private basis. If you please, you may have bills from orthopedic-trauma therapy and neurological therapy processed by our Rehaclinic office team.

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